Sweeping Under My Rugs

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Sweeping Under My Rugs LADYBUGS RUGS Sweeping under my rugs I find allot things I have tried to hide from not only others view but my own. Its so much easier to not have to look at those things. There will be many rugs I will need to look under and sweep clean because I have lived many years hiding things under them all. But its time to pick up those rugs and sweep them out in the open to confront the issues about myself that I have been ignoring. Here is where I will start today to clean under the rug "Denial" where I have been sweeping allot of my faults under for years. Yes its time to own up to the fact that I have a lazy attitude toward meeting goals for myself. I want to measure up to my meet my potential very much but I don't want to give up my destructive behavior. Just who am I kidding? Can I really expect to get over the hurdles by undoing all my efforts not acknowledging things about myself that hinder me? Acting that they are not there? Not standing up to the plate first? ..The answer to that is no! So can't I just do it once a week? No again! Will it happen anyways once in awhile? The answer to that is yes!, But today I must start to confront what I am hiding about myself. No more blaming, minimizing or justifying things. Will it happen anyways once in awhile? The answer to that is yes!, I will regress to progress I am sure but I will strive to arrive. I am not perfect but I can endeavor to meet the marks I set for myself by being consistant more often than not. So I will focus on the word "CONSTANT" and plow through the irrational thoughts that set out to turn me back around to all the behaviors that I will loathe myself for doing afterwards. and I will move forward. For now I will put my broom away but I will bring it back out to clean out any dirty denials that I have let slip back under that rug again. Its definitely time to clean house and acknowlege what is evident in my heart of hearts anyways. So here I go swoooosh........ Ladybugplus